We strive to make washing your pet as
easy and carefree as possible.

dogs-25Wonderful experience! I never washed my dog before but she needed a bath ASAP and all groomers were booked for weekend. Spotless Dog Wash made it so easy! Didn’t have to make an appointment or bring supplies. Just came with our dog and my 3 little boys and Josh helped us through the process and we really gave our girl a day of beauty! Price is so great, a third of what I pay the groomer and so easy and fun. This place is a gem and we’ll definitely be back.

Very clean and affordable! the owner is so nice and accommodating– Vinney will definitely be getting her baths here again soon

What a terrific place! Friendly and helpful staff, fully stocked sinks, with great towels, shampoos, and a hair drier area with teeth and ear wipes, brushes, detangler. Much easier than the basement sink!

Winston doesn’t love baths, but he got very clean here without too much fuss. The tubs are great, water is at the perfect temp, and there were plenty of towels. We’ll be back the next time Winston romps in the mud.

dogs-15My dog Annie and I had a GREAT experience at Spotless Dog Wash in Evanston. The staff was really helpful in explaining the whole process and gave recommendations on how to use the hair dryer, what shampoo to use, etc. I even saw the staff on duty help get dogs in and out of the tubs. The tubs are spacious and waste high so you don’t have to break your back bending over during the bath and they provide cute aprons for you to wear so you don’t get soaked. They have ramps for dogs to walk up into the tub (or you can just lift him/her in if you have a small dog like me) and there is one tub that really big dogs can just step into. Two types of shampoo are provided as well as towels. At the drying stations there are big dryers with a variety of settings so you can use what is best for your dog. The tables are waste high so if you have a small dog you can just plop him or her in front of you or you can use the hose on the dryer to dry your dog while (s)he stands on the floor. I packed all of my grooming tools with me which was totally unnecessary! They provided dental wipes, ear wipes, a variety of brushes and combs, and detangler/conditioner. My dog has long hair so having all of those tools available is a big plus for me. Even though bath time is not my dog’s favorite, this is a thousand times better for her than taking her to the groomer (which she HATES more than anything!) and it saves me from making a mess in my apartment and hurting my knees and back while I give her a bath. It’s also more efficient since there are gentle restraints in the tub and at the drying stations and the tubs have really great hose attachments with the water temperature already preset. And they carry nice retail items if your dog needs a post bath treat. We left with a scarf and some sweet potato treats. There is off street parking and it’s relatively easy to get in and out onto Emerson or Ridge. Also, I think this would make a great family activity. I saw a mom with two kids giving their dog a bath and they were having a blast! The bath was well worth the $20! We will definitely be going back again, and again, and again!

Blue our American bulldog loved his bath. He says it’s incrediBULLY warm water and loved the attention. Thanks!!!

dogs-24My name is Sawyer. I am half beagle, half Australian cattle dog and my mommy is helping me write this post, since keyboards are difficult to maneuver when you have paws. I’m going to tell you a secret that you have to promise not to tell any local squirrels: I’m scared of baths. I love being stinky and having dirt on my ears! However, despite my cries and epic battle moves, my mommy still manages to get me in the bathtub about once a month to clean me. I think she likes it even less than me, because I always make our house soaking and manage to get my fur and stinkiness all over the bathroom.

Last week, though, we both had lots of fun when I got my bath at Spotless Dog Wash! The staff gave me lots of pets and cuddles to make me calm. And they gave me treats to get me up the ramp to the scary bath tub! Even the water temperature was better than at home, since it’s set especially for dogs! Unfortunately, my mommy wore an apron that made it impossible for me to get her wet, but she seemed to be happy about that.

I got to bark lots and lots since we weren’t in the apartment. I love barking, so this made me a lot calmer than usual. Also, since my mommy was the one washing me still, I wasn’t scared like I would be at the groomer’s. But she wasn’t nearly as grumpy about bath time as she usually is, because she didn’t have to spend an hour cleaning up like she usually does! Plus they had lots of fancy things to clean me there, like dental wipes and ear wipes.

dogs-28Mommy says we’ll be going there every month for my bath now, and I’m excited for our next trip, because they have toys and treats there for me too! If you want to wag lots, you should get your mommy to take you to Spotless Dog Wash too!

We are big fans of the self dog wash. You wash your dog, don’t have to wait for hours while they’re being groomed, and, best of all, the mess isn’t yours to clean up. What’s not to love? We’ve been going to a place in Edgewater for years, and were really happy to see Spotless Dog Wash opening in Evanston. A basic self wash is about $18, more for extras, like a conditioner that helps with shedding..desperately needed for us. The tubs are great because they have ramps that the dogs use, or should I say, ideally they will use, to get into the tub. Unfortunately my stubborn brat refused to use the ramp, so I was relegated to the walk-in tub for her bath. Great for the dogs, not so much for mom, who was bent over giving her majesty a bath. The owner is very nice and was super helpful, and gave me some good tips for de-shedding. The drying stations are great, too. Free parking is a huge bonus, and the store is full of great treats and toys.