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Organic Grooming at Spotless Dog Wash is a customized one-on-one experience with your dog and our professional grooming staff. We individualize services based on your dog’s grooming needs. We never overbook grooming sessions to ensure that your dog receives the most spa-like experience. Spotless Dog Wash does not use kennels or crates. Dogs will relax in a comfy dog bed or in our VIP aromatherapy and oxygen room. We take pride in our safety measures and make sure to use all-natural products for our grooming clients.

VIP Room:

Our VIP room features an ionizer, aromatherapy and oxygen treatments. These treatments have many benefits:

  • Sterilizes the air by removing pet dander, bacteria, and other airborne allergies.
  • Relieves/reduces stress and anxiety
  • Natural flea and tick repellant
  • Eliminates Odors (including skunk)
  • Helps with allergies & hot spots
  • Improves immune system
  • Relieves muscle stiffness
  • Calms the mind
  • Stabilizes the nervous system

Grooming Maintenance Program • $15+

We do a complete brush out on your dog. We will check and trim nails if necessary as well as clean ears and teeth if they are in need. Pricing starts at $15 depending on dog’s size & coat length. Minimum of four appointments.