We are proud to serve the local Evanston community with our spa like dog wash.

The Women of Spotless


Debora Hogan

Working with dogs has been a lifelong passion for Debora Hogan. As a child, she was often asked to reveal the latest tricks she’d taught her dogs. Debora began with a pet sitting/walking business in New York, attended New York Grooming School, and finally settled into dog training making the Reactive Dog her focal point.

Debora’s passion for helping families care for their dogs and finding new experiences to bond with their dogs continues with Spotless Dog Wash. The opening of this self-service dog wash is an extension of her love for dogs. Spotless allows families to make the most of their time together to connect with each other and their pets.

Debora brings her unique skills, perspective and experience as a dog trainer and groomer into her interactions with clients and their dogs. Her goal is to help people enjoy the dog washing experience rather than dread it. It’s why at Spotless Dog Wash, the goal is simple. “You bring your dog in. Together we give them everything they need. Including love.”

Sherri Knowles

Helping business owners with day-to-day financial operations and accounting solutions is only one of Sherri’s talents and passions. Advocacy for animal rights is at the top of her list. Rescuing animals from abusive situations has been a top focus in Sherri’s life for many years.

Sherri brings her love for dogs and 30 years experience in accounting and financial planning into the creation of Spotless Dog Wash. Caring for the welfare of animals is at the center of Spotless Dog Wash.

Committed to creating positive experiences at Spotless Dog Wash; for Sherri, it’s about the love that exists between dogs and their owners. It’s the unshakeable bond, one that deserves to be cared for and nourished.

To Sherri, Spotless Dog Wash is the one place families can go to care for their dogs. They can do it in an environment that’s safe, clean and stress-free. Ask Sherri what’s best about Spotless Dog Wash and she’ll tell you. “Here, you can simply focus on bonding with your pet. You don’t have to worry about supplies, products or clean-up. Just great time with the dog you love. There’s even a helping hand when you need one. It doesn’t get much better than that.”