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I have had so many great conversations with our Spotless customers after their bathing or grooming sessions.  Often times these conversations morph into discussions on behavioral issues their dog may be having or where they can find a good dog trainer at a reasonable rate.   As a former dog trainer I enjoy these conversations and am always glad to help.  So.  I have decided to dust off my treat bag and get back at it as they say.  Spotless has such great employees that I am lucky to actually have some extra time (and energy) available to me.  What’s a better way to spend that time than helping  people and their dogs?!



I”ve spent 35 years training dogs.  I began in New York doing private in home sessions.  After relocating to Tucson AZ  I opened a training facility, Diamond Dogs, and offered a variety of classes including all levels of basic training, the reactive dog, targeting, canine good citizen, recall and classes on canine body language.  Individual and private sessions were also offered.

After moving back to Illinois I offered free workshops to local shelters and dog groups on body language and temperament testing for shelter dogs.  I also helped start a program with a local rescue training their volunteers to be dog trainers.


Completely positive.  Period.  I will not use “training aids” such as choke chains, pinch collars or shock collars.  If you aren’t willing to try training your dog without any of these then I am not the trainer for you.  I use motivation training, meaning your dog will be rewarded with whatever motivates them to achieve the training goals.  The only negative reinforcement used in motivation training is to ignore unwanted behaviors or situations.  I don’t believe in a cookie cutter type of training.  Not all dogs respond to the same things in the same manner and will be trained as individual beings.

My philosophy is very simple and concrete:  Always set the dog up for success.


Keeping it simple is my motto.   I will be offering private sessions only for the time being, either in your home or at the Spotless store.

There will be two price points:

For basic obedience and non-reactive issues the cost will be $80 per 60 minute session. Anything over this will be $15 per 30 minutes.

For reactive issues an initial session of between 60 and 120 minutes will be $125 and is required.  Each session following the initial session will be $90.  There will be no time limitation on follow up sessions.  These sessions include any follow up phone or text conversations pertaining to the previous training agenda.

I will be adding classes eventually.  Please check back with us or you can join our mailing list by emailing me your name, address, phone, dog’s name, age and breed to debora@spotlessdogwash.com.   If you would like to speak to me personally I can be reached at the store at 847-563-8061 or my cell at 815-721-6042.



I will be happy to offer a workshop for you or your group on Canine Body Language.  Please contact me for details at the either the email address or numbers outlined above.


For those looking for a new career or considering a second career in dog training I will be offering a course study in dog training.   These courses will be available beginning in February of 2018.  We know there are many online training schools to choose from but this will be an in person, hands on training course on how to become an effective dog trainer.  Prices will also be much more reasonable.   If you are interested or have questions please contact me via email, cell or the store as noted above.


Thank you!

Debora Hogan

Spotless Dog Wash